In the general sense, elements of the cosmos fuse together to create a harmonious system.
Within its fabric, space can bend and twist using weight for curvature and dimension.
Samsara Blues Experiment, a German four piece, use a similar philosophy when channeling their musical forms in extended forays of psychedelic blues-rock.

Attracted by the group’s fuzzed-out doom blues, exotic trippy solos and sonic grooves fans and critics alike gravitate to songs like “Singata (Mystic Queen)” for its seductive middle-Eastern influences and spacey undertones. Peters’ raspy voice, though sparse, is emotionally poignant and reminiscent of a young James Dewar with a menacing growl. The energy and intensity of “Hangin on the Wire” makes it a favorite with live audiences while “Army of Ignorance” and “For The Lost Souls” make use of frequent time-changes allowing the band to create mood through texture and tempo. The thundering “Outside Insight Blues” and “Into The Black” may have their roots in Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath with a doomy blues boogie but are set free in the psychedelic whirlwind of what is Samsara Blues Experiment.

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