Biru Baby sing, dance and play Badass Rock with the power of Sápmi.

Their music has found it’s way from their home village – a wild place somewhere between The North Pole and civilization – and into the hearts of modern city folks. Hits like “Slutt Slut” and “Fuck My Heart” (2014) opened the door into an unknown world where everything is possible. The magical release “Heålålelå” (2014) is a combo of the traditional saami joik and the Cool Rock Style. But the biggest hit so far is the beautiful “La La Under Table” (2014), which tells the tragic story of a teacher-pupil relationship.

Number One festival memories 2014 for these rock stars were Bukta – Tromsø Open Air Festival, where several thousand cool Tromsø rockers were completely shocked by the Biru badassness, and also the great saami festival Riddu Riđđu, where Biru Baby proved that you actually can be a prophet in your own land. Their important mission is to shake things up with their Live Show and videos.

Biru Baby is part of a current movement of Sápmi awareness, embracing their roots and identity. The lyrics are a mix of english, norwegian, saami and russian – just like the everyday language where the band comes from.

The members of Biru Baby are Hánná a.k.a. Hánnábitch, Iki a.k.a. Friki and KT (In Da House), and they perform live with a hot boy playing drums. Right now they are doing their thing with great enthusiasm. As one of the members put it: «We kinda woke up and realized that instead of being just a rock group, we should be a Fucking Rock Group. From that moment on we have been free!».

CC: 150,-/100,- (ikke medl./medl.)

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