12. oktober tar South of Heaven og Klubbscenen stolte imot de kanadiske gutta i VOIVOD! Slik presenterer de seg selv på sosiale medier:

«Four young men in Quebec, addled by art, high on hash, fueled by Venom and Motorhead. Post-heavy metal, pre-MTV. The 80s were upon them and the threat of nuclear war seemed almost inevitable. Why not live out the endtimes sipping absinthe, writing music, and donning leather and spikes?»VOIVOD består av Denis Belanger, Michel Langevin, Daniel Mongrain og Jean Yves Theriault.Voivod has been touring and recording since 1983.They recently curated the legendary Roadburn festival in Holland, where they performed their classic Dimension Hatross album. “Target Earth” is the first record of new material from the line up of Snake, Blacky, Away and Chewy. It is significant because the three original members of the new formation have not written together since 1991’s Angel Rat.A film about Voivod is underway. Long overdue, it will document the band’s career, a story of perseverance despite the challenges. The global touring since 2008’s reformation has been extensive (Japan, Chile, Mexico, Europe, Canada, USA) and continues in 2012 with more shows in support of Target Earth and special shows featuring classic Voivod records.Sjekk ut:
http://www.voivod.com/Billetter får du kjøpt på Billettservice: http://www.billettservice.no/event/voivod–support-billetter/370361 eller i billettluken på Chateau Neuf.Dørene åpner kl. 21:00
CC: 275,-/220,- (medlem)
ID: 18 år
Scene: Betong

Bli medlem av Det Norske Studentersamfund – billigere mat og drikke – billigere konserter og arrangement! BLI MEDLEM